By Maria Perez

There are few things that get me really excited. One is food and the other is harmonies. 

Last night I went to see The Staves, an acoustic folk trio from England who also happen to be sisters and who Magnet Magazine has questioned "Are they Human?".

My original draw to the female group was after seeing the Documentary From Austin to Boston and couldn't believe the harmonies that came from these women. 

'If I Was' is their latest album and was produced by one of my musical heroes, Justin Vernon (Bon Iver), so needless to say this was an album that I had to see live and luckily for me they played at one of the more intimate venues, The Bowery Ballroom.

I purposely brought someone along who had never heard of them or was even into the genre to get a genuine reaction, which after their first song was, "Holy shit, that was amazing."

The show was different than most acoustic performances I've seen. I personally am not a fan when artists stray away from the original song too much during their live performance and The Staves maintained the crisp, precise sound that their albums hold.

For the hour an half they performed, there was total silence. Even when one person was chatting, another would immediately shush them. This was an audience that came to be mesmerized by vocals, me included. 

One of their final songs of the night was Let Me Down, and if you know The Staves, then you already know how powerful this song is. 

You can hear the Bon Iver influence throughout this whole song, and their use of the loop pedal during their performance grew their harmonies by 10, blowing everyone's mind.

The Staves are a true acoustic folk group but they aren't just some chicks with a guitar and good vocals, they deliver a produced story that makes every person in the room have chills after their first breath. 

--Unplugged Session of Let Me Down