By: Jacqueleen Eng


I am a Tinder addict. I’m not one for going on Tinder dates, but I frequently find myself talking to sometimes shady yet entertaining guys. I have a pretty formulaic way of deciding on who gets the coveted right swipe, and it has less to do with looks than it has to do with bio and how ridiculous their pictures are. Kevin has his Soundcloud link in his bio? Right swipe. Matt has pictures that look like they were taken with a disposable camera? Right swipe. John has a bio full of emojis and a picture with a dog? Questionable. I am questionable.

So why are you talking about Tinder, Jacqueleen? Well, my friends, it turns out Tinder can be used for a lot more than just mediocre hookups and self-esteem boosts: it can also be a way to find new music! In addition to the aspiring rappers and producers who either have their links in their bios or use their music as a pick up line, just having a conversation with someone can help you discover new music. I know that a lot of my friends and people I talk to on a regular basis are into the same stuff I am, so widening your horizons to uncertain characters can be beneficial for discovering new things.

Not all of it will be good, however. The song I chose to feature in the last newsletter, “Caroline” by Aminé, was shown to me by some guy from Tinder, and it has become one of my summer jams. More often than not, you’ll encounter the “up and coming” rapper with trash tracks, but hey, finding love and good music ain’t easy.