By Maria Perez

Over the top, uncomfortably hilarious, confusing, impressive and absolutely no fucks given is exactly how I would describe the performance of July Talk at the LES bar, Berlin. 

Fairly new to me, this was the first time I was seeing July Talk live. Lucky for me, it was an invite only "secret" performance (mostly for industry people), which I like to think is why they brought their A++ game. 

Their sound is unique from anyone I've ever heard. The lead singers, Leah and Peter, have a way of complimenting each other while being on opposite spectrums of sound themselves.  Leah a soft/crisp, almost inaudible at times as Peter is in your face, loud with a Johnny Carson-esque rasp. 

Leah played the role of seductress and worked the crowd with no shame. Given this was an extremely intimate show, she was able to come off the stage and wrap her arms around people, take their cell phones to video and even balance fire lit candles across the stage on her head. It was strangely NOT strange but actually hilarious and badass; making it impossible not to love her.

Peter on the other hand was pure Punk-Rock, from his wet hair and head banging to punching his face and telling the crowd to "Wake the fuck up". Leah brought the fervor out of Peter, while Peter brought the wild out of Leah. Their chemistry makes you think, are they dating or are they just that good?

The band played favorites like Summer Dress and Push + Pull, announcing they have a new album coming in September. They'll be back in NYC August 18th at Rough Trade and honestly, I'm mostly interested in seeing if they can bring the impressive intensity again to a less intimate crowd.