By Maria Perez

To be honest I've pretty much phased out of the 90's and 00's genre of music but none-the-less hearing songs like Smooth and Mr. Jones brings back memories of growing up and discovering what type of music I liked, a self discovery that led me from Nickelback to Rap and so on. (Hey, you went through it too...)

If you're guessing Rob Thomas headlined the August 9th show at PNC Bank Arts Center with the Counting Crows, you're wrong... but you shouldn't be. 

Rob Thomas opened up the night and to my surprise his performance felt like he wasn't just someone who had a much more notable career years ago, but as if he was at his peak right now. 

He worked the stage and audience almost like a 2009 Gwen Stefani (almost) and made each song sound like it was the first time. He moved his hips to Smooth, making it not just more enjoyable to hear but also just plain fucking awesome to watch him have such a great time on stage. 

I want to say "On the other hand" but it also feels too negative...So, On the other hand, the Counting Crows didn't really live up to the expectation I had. When their lead singer, Adam Duritz, got on stage, I was taken aback. He looked like a Medical Marijuana Salesman on the Venice Beach Boardwalk, who all of a sudden was breaking out into song. 

Hundreds, maybe even thousands of people came to this show to see one song, Mr. Jones. Quite honestly, they broke my heart a little with their half-assed performance of it. I get it, you've done this song so many times now but as someone once told me, if you're going to a Rolling Stones show, you want to hear Satisfaction and you want to sing along to it. 

Mr. Jones felt rushed and Duritz was practically just speaking the lyrics making it impossible for people to really sing along and I wasn't the only one to notice. 

The rest of the set I won't say was a total snooze-fest, but I will attribute my great time to my Summer Shandy, good company and the interpretive dancers on the lawn. 

I do although praise Duritz on his impeccable live vocals that sound almost studio like. I'd have to agree with him when he said PNC Bank is a venue unlike any other.