By Maria Perez

Just envision it yourself first...

Drunk moms using it as their girls night out, dad's in band T's, little kids with massive headphones for noise blocking and then us young people, pretty much just feeling cool for knowing all the songs. 

Yes, it's exactly what you'd think a 2016 Hall and Oates show would be and it was absolutely amazing. 

Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings set the perfect vibe for the evening as the opening act. (If you don't know her, get to know her)

Then at 9 pm Daryl Hall and John Oates came out with a bang starting with Maneater, immediately getting everyone off their feet.  -- Which turned out to be a problem with other lawn ticket holders but that's a story for another time... 

The weather was perfect, a beer in one hand and footlong hot dog, shamelessly, in the other. Just so happy to be there (for free, may I add) and as each song came on, I was just amazed at how after all these years, they looked so fresh and excited to be there -- like as if they were a new band on one of their first stages. Oates still hit the high notes like cake, while Hall gave an animated performance like it was 1975.

They saved all their big hits for the second half of the show. Rich Girl followed by Make My Dreams Come True followed by Kiss On My List and with of course Private Eyes as their encore -- which the crowd was getting antsy for.

Dancing bare feet on the grass on a Tuesday night in July, felt exactly what a Hall & Oates show should feel like and maybe I'm not from the prime H&O years, but it sure "brought me back". 

To be honest, the real VIP of the night was their Saxophone player, Charles DeChant, I like to think he is Santa during the off season --  hair down, riffing on the Sax... but thats just a personal thought.